Red Dot deploys digital signs at Rapid Transit stops on Dixie Highway, KY

by Apr 7, 2021BrightSign, Partnerships

Public transportation authorities are changing the way they are communicating to their riders. Using location based digital signage for schedules, alerts, and general information now offers a faster and easier commute for passengers, improving the safety and convenience of transit systems as a whole.

Red Dot recently deployed this type of dynamic solution throughout the city of Louisville, Kentucky for Transit Authority of River City (TARC). This deployment is part of the New Dixie Highway a $35M improvement project. TARC has 37 Bus Rapid Transit stops throughout the city where kiosks (pictured) are located displaying real-time GPS tracking of buses, current bus schedules, TARC alerts and live emergency alerts. Riders can map their trip by showing a bus’s route information, along with general estimates for non-rapid business using the stops. Interaction with traffic lights will allow a light to stay green a few seconds longer to the keep the buses running on time. Each kiosk is equipped with a text-to-speak box for the visually impaired. This feature speaks the contents on the screen to the rider about the next bus arrival. Red Dot added a GPS dongle to each BrightSign player in the kiosk in order to automatically determine the exact location of the kiosk and bus based on their specific coordinates.

The system runs on BrightSign XT1144 media players with customized content, design and programming by Red Dot Digital Media.


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