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Technical Support Services Include



Available M-F 8am-4:30pm PT

Red Dot will provide phone and email based technical support under the terms of our support contract. This is a break-fix model requiring the end user to notify Red Dot if something needs to be addressed. Support includes:

• Support covers the eco-system of the digital signage deployment
• Media players
• Content compatibility issues (if client uploads an incompatible file type, Red Dot can fix and re-publish it for client)
• CMS issues (if CMS is supported by Red Dot)
• Monitors and mounts
• Network -for digital signage media players to properly connect to cloud CMS
• Firmware updates (if needed)
• Red Dot will provide support to the end user directly and/or integrators
• Refresher trainings on how to update content in current system
• Requires any user to have already taken initial training class hosted by Red Dot. If not, user will have to take a paid training by Red Dot in order to receive refresher trainings
• Covers the client’s digital signage LAN network. May require end-user assistance to access certain parts of the network to repair or maintain proper connection. (Does not support client LAN network for non-digital signage related issues; Red Dot is not an IT support company)
• 24-hour response time from time support ticket is submitted. Resolution times may vary; customer responsible to provide a point-of-contact to work with Red Dot support staff

Supported CMS

Technical Support Services Exclude



These services are available at an additional cost

• In-field issues that require an on-site tech.
• Does not include new user training or training on how to build new presentations or use 3rd party design tools (ie. Adobe InDesign) Red Dot offers paid trainings for this service.
• Does not include new graphic design work or modifying/adding to current design work
• Creating new presentations for clients
• Unsolicited firmware updates
• Creating new user permissions

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