Red Dot was contracted by Seaside Market to install new digital menu boards in their Deli and Meat & Seafood departments. The Deli menus feature a 5-screen design where each menu can be updated with editable text in real time and updated images. It also features a ticketing number counter. Clients take a paper ticket from the red dispenser and the employees can change the current number up or down based on the next ticket. There is a small GPIO trigger added to the center screen player that digitally updates up or down as the buttons are pressed.

The Meat and Seafood Department was outfitted with a 6-screen video wall showing videos on the outer two screens on each side. In the middle two screens they showcase the daily specials along with the company Instagram. Daily specials can be updated easily in Wallboard CMS while the Instagram auto updates.

Client: Seaside Market
Project Location: Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA
Integrator: Red Dot Digital Media
CMS: Wallboard