SafeZone Wellness Station

Touchless Automatic Temperature Screening and PPE Kiosk

Ideal for keeping safe and sanitary enviornments

Free Standing Wellness Station Designed to ensure safe and sanitary environments

The KHS22FLB Wellness Station Kiosk provides the PPE gear necessary to keep customers, employees and visitors safe. Ideal for airports, retail, grocery stores, convention centers, corporate offices or anywhere where large groups congregate. Features an IR temperature reading sensor, high res digital display that provide results, advertisements, regulations, etc. Automatic gel dispenser that fits gallon jugs and a nitrile glove and face mask box holder.

Plug and Play bundled no cost solution with SafeSignage Software from Red Dot Digital Media, no paid CMS is required. Use your Wifi capable device by connecting directly to the BrightSign Player. Easily organize playlist with videos, images, and set image display times via a secure software solution.

Free safety template slides included. 

Safety Template Slides

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