Red Dot Digital Media Collaborates With BrightSign to Exhibit the Power of Digital Signage

November 14, 2022- Carlsbad, CA BrightSign has collaborated with Red Dot Digital Media to provide an exclusive inside look into Red Dots office as well as some of the history behind Red Dot Digital Media’s partnership with BrightSign

Red Dot began as an A/V integration company. President Darryl Kuder explains how he got started, “At first we were using a variety of hardware solutions. There were video controllers, PC solutions, scalars, splitters, lots of weird cables and adapters, you name it! It ended up being a lot to manage. Customers would call us in a panic when hardware would fail, and this meant our labor costs were high. Years ago, one of our clients commissioned a digital signage project. Around the same time, we learned that company called BrightSign was making digital signage media players. We thought the players were a good fit, so we bought a few of the very first BrightSign’s. ” What we noticed right away is that we weren’t getting service calls. Our digital signage customers would periodically ask for new content, but the players worked 24/7. The hardware was rock solid and in our business that’s rare and refreshing.”

In 2013 the company relaunched as Red Dot Digital Media and teamed up with BrightSign as a hardware partner so they could focus exclusively on digital signage and content production. Over the years Darryl and team have learned the ins and outs of the BrightSign platform, deploying thousands of players throughout the world, helping hundreds of customers build their brands with digital signage.

As a full-service shop Red Dot Digital Media overseas digital signage deployment from concept to execution, providing both hardware installation and content design. They understand that a BrightSign is more than a media player, it’s an experience engine. Over the years they’ve spent thousands of hours programming digital signage experiences. Darryl says, “The thing that people miss about BrightSign is that you can program them to do just about anything. For example, in one deployment we use serial commands to dim lights and raise volume when a presence sensor is activated. The whole experience happens automatically when a person enters the space.”

Red Dot Digital Media isn’t stopping there. Last year the company began using BrightSign’s cloud solutions so now they offer their clients more frequent content updates all managed from the comfort of their Carlsbad offices in California. Looking forward Darryl is excited to see what his team can do with the powerful new series 5 players. Darryl remarks in closing, “Working with BrightSign has allowed Red Dot to flourish and focus on what matters most to our customers – showcasing captivating messages through digital signage.”