Red Dot partners with the PGA and Peerless-AV for an Interactive Experience

by Sep 27, 2019BrightSign, Partnerships

During the summer of 2019 Red Dot Digital Media partnered with the PGA, Wyndham Hotels, Peerless-AV and Company20 to deliver a dynamic collaborative experience for guests to utilize during the tournament. Using touch screen technology Red Dot programmed and custom designed an interactive golf course map that engaged the user to navigate the course during the tournament, this was coupled with a unique interactive game so the guests could learn more about the top 10 worldwide Wyndham Hotel properties.

The interactive touch screens were housed in an outdoor rated Peerless-AV kiosks, this allowed them to placed anywhere on the course increasing usability and effective marketing strategies. Utilizing BrightSign media players, Red Dot’s custom content was teed up and resulted a successful hole in one!

Red Dot Digital Media is the longest standing content partner for BrightSign and has designed and programmed hundreds of jobs of all complexities, worldwide. For more information visit or call (877) 715-9374 Extension 1 for Sales.


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