Zynchro is the most powerful and easy to use content management system as well as the top monitoring and analytics tool developed by Digiworks for BrightSign, global market leader in digital signage media players.


Zynchro Monitoring

Zynchro monitoring features allow users to geo-locate all of the BrightSign players on a map and get real time status for each of them, including:

  • BrightSign Players Health with uptime info and online/offline status.
  • BrightSign Players info such as model, serial number, firmware, time zone, SD capacity, screen resolution and more.
  • Running content and the ability to get timely snapshots.
  • Connection Network information including local IP and connection type.
  • TV Screen on/off status and input.

Zynchro Analytics

Zynchro powerful analytics features include real time data on a number of KPI’s such as the number of playbacks, events, page views and user sessions.

If contents peripherals such as buttons and motion sensors are enabled on the BrightSign players, real time stats on button clicks, pop-up content playbacks and users’ exposure time to specific contents is provided.

Zynchro Analytics include BrightSign bandwidth consumption reports by year, month/day, day, country, state, location and player.

Zynchro Grouping

Zynchro grouping capabilities allow users to group their BrightSign players by geographic location, name or serial numbers. Interactive and playlists content presentations may be programed for playback in any created players group.

Zynchro Content Management

Zynchro features the easiest and most powerful interface to upload interactive presentations and to create content playlists. Media is stored for further use and programing, using Zynchro Media Library.

Once the content is uploaded, it can be to be published immediately or scheduled to be published on a specific date, hour and minute for a single player or for a players group. Playback repetitions can also be scheduled for specific dates.

Zynchro Content Management also features automated functions for setting up videos and images to be displayed in Video Walls. Just set up a playlist and Zynchro takes care of everything else!

Content update log is available identifying all the user activities by date and location.

Zynchro TV Control

Zynchro powerful features allow to schedule the TV Screens to turn on and off on a specific hour and minute and to select the screen input as needed. Force TV On and Force Input functions allow to force the screens to remain On and to keep the desired Input even if a user turns them off or changes the screen’s input (limited to certain TV brands and models).