Wallboard Display

Wallboard is a digital signage solution designed to meet your unique needs. Build a digital menu board integrated with your point-of-sale system, an interactive in-store screen for retail, corporate communication screens with live KPI metrics, meeting room signs tied to Office 365, or anything else that you can imagine. With built-in content creation tools, it is as easy as building your presentation from the cloud. Create a simple playlist of images and videos or build a complex solution with external sensors—it is up to you. No zones. No limitations.

 Built-In Content Editor

The Wallboard UI eliminates the need to create and edit media in third-party software. Our Content Editor is a blank canvas with hundreds of built-in formatting and animation features. Access the User Interface via any web browser to create, edit, publish and schedule content on your screen network with drag-and-drop functionality.

Central Server

Commands from the Wallboard UI are sent to a central server that can either be Cloud-Based or On-Premise. The server is responsible for storing the ready-made contents in loops and playlists. It stores and synchronizes these contents with the BrightSign media player attached to your display.

 Media Players

Content updates from the Central Server are pushed and cached to local BrightSign media players. The player sends the contents to the screens and stores the playlists, loops and other logics needed to edit the previously determined contents. It communicates with the server, but if the connection is lost it will continue to play the preset contents on the screens.

 External IOT Sensors

External Sensors can be connected to your BrightSign device and integrated with Wallboard to trigger specific content based on pre-set rules. For example, sensors can be configured to activate a promotional video when products are removed from shelves. This helps to create more efficient targeting and makes the customer experience memorable.