Wallboard Display

Wallboard Display LogoThe wallboard.info digital signage platform is able to control and manage hundreds or thousands of screens.

How does it work?

Like other digital signage systems, the WALLBOARD DISPLAY system consists of three basic components working together. The end user designs the content on the graphic user interface, the editor.wallboard. When creating the editor we focused on three things: simplicity, effectiveness, and fast operation. It is as easy to use as MS PPt. Based on our experience, we can say that with basic IT skills 2 or 3 hours of training is enough to master the use of it.


The server is responsible for storing the ready made contents in loops and playlists. It stores and synchronises these loops with the player. When creating the loops it is possible to integrate the information coming from sensors (for example if there are products on the shelves, when the customers take a product off the shelf, the screen can show product-specific information – for example a short video – with the help of implemented sensors). It helps to create more efficient targeting and makes the customer experience memorable.


The player sends the contents to the screens and stores the playlists, loops and other logics needed to edit the previously determined contents. It communicates with the server, but if the connection is lost it will play the preset contents on the screens.