Carousel Cloud

Carousel LogoTightrope and BrightSign have teamed up to bring you the ultimate digital signage solution for a wide variety of large out-of-home network installations by combining the powerful features of Carousel Digital Signage software with the unparalleled performance of BrightSign’s industrial-grade media players.

Easy, Fast, Everywhere

Use Carousel Digital Signage Software to get your latest project running right away with  ready-made templates, simple scheduling, and access from anywhere in the web-based user interface.

It’s Dynamic

Set it and forget it with support for dynamic  bulletins from Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, iCal, MS Exchange, XML and more.

Permissions on the Fly

Manage your whole team from anywhere. Change user roles, permission settings and approve bulletins  from anywhere using the web UI.

Edits Layouts Throughout the Day

You’re free to change it up. Carousel’s simple scheduling tool lets you change the channel  layout and content on a single screen or on whole groups of screens at various times throughout the day.

Ready in an Emergency

Always be prepared. In an emergency, override channel displays with full screen alerts that you can send and remove with a single click.

Remote Monitor and System Control

All systems are a go. And you know this because you can check your system status remotely. You can also shut it down if need be using remote monitor control to turn displays on and off.