With the U.S. Digital Signage market valued at over $5B, there are a plethora of products to choose from in digital signage. One of the challenges is understanding which products will maximize the functionality and performance of the end digital signage project. Knowing what products work well is a huge advantage for AV integrators and design engineers.

As a specialty integrator ourselves, we have sold and installed thousands of products and we know firsthand which ones are the best. Here are five of our favorite digital signage products that we have used time and time again. 

5 Reliable and Innovative Digital Signage Products We Love

All the products that we have curated are basic components of any digital signage hardware. We have firsthand experience in installing, setting up, and doing custom integrations on these products gives us a wider perspective on their reliability, performance and adaptability in various settings. 

We believe it is strategically important for AV Integrators, especially the design engineers, to have a technical understanding of these components. By fully understanding the technical aspects, design engineers can make informed decisions on product selection to provide the best solutions.

1. Best Digital Signage Media Player: BrightSign Media Player XC4055

As the most-awarded digital signage media player, BrightSign’s XC5 is one of the most powerful media players that can create stunning video walls and display multiple screens at the same time.

BrightSign XC5 Features

  • Displays videos in 4K and 8K along with immersive 3D motion graphics.
  • With an extremely fast processor, it can easily create powerful HTML projects with interactive touch features. 
  • The multiple HDMI outputs make it possible for XC5 to display multiple screens at the same time. 
  • Highly reliable as it operates on a secure operating system with high uptime. 
  • With XC5, the end users can remotely monitor and manage content in real-time using the cloud feature.  

Best Use Case for BrighSign XC5:

  • Helps create video walls that deliver immersive experiences with 4K, 8K and full HD display and motion graphics. 
  • Helps make high-performance HTML projects with interactive multi-touch features.
  • With eye-catching videos, XC5 helps deliver engaging experiences to the audience while capturing their attention in busy places.
  • With the multi-screen display, it makes communication with the audience, customers and employees a seamless process.

Why is XC5 Better?

The multi-screen functionality, complex HTML programming, 3D WebGL, multiple 4K outputs and 8K graphics are the reasons XC5 is far better than any signage PC with the same specs. It runs on the reliable BrightSign platform which gives you access to all the benefits of a BrightSign player including using 3rd party CMS software. 

Red Dot Digital Media used the BrightSign XC5 media player for a large interactive touchscreen feature showcasing a dynamic Google map feature, client information and complex HTML programming.

Example of Using XC5 

We recently installed XC5 on a project with a large interactive touchscreen feature showcasing a dynamic Google map feature, client information and complex HTML programming, demonstrating the player’s capability to handle complex, interactive content with ease. 

2. Best Digital Signage Touch Screen: TSItouch Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Screen Interface

TSItouch PCAP is a touchscreen technology solution and can be designed for any screen size. It uses projected capacitive touch technology, detecting touch points and converting them to coordinates on an X/Y electronic grid. With zero bezel, it has a sleek flat front design that delivers a modern look and optimal performance. 

Best Use Case for TSItouch PCAP

This touch screen is particularly great at providing a highly interactive and responsive multi-touch experience with up to 100 simultaneous touchpoints for all major operating systems.

Why is TSItouch PCAP Better?

It stands out from other touch technologies mainly because: 

  • It can be customized in any size, large or small.
  • The exceptional quality made here in the US guarantees high durability and reliability. 
  • From digital signs to information kiosks, wayfinding and other interactive displays, TSItouch PCAP is extremely versatile in every environment where engaging and intuitive touch interaction is crucial. 


Project example of Red Dot Digital Media using the TCItouch for a custom dual-screen touch display that was mounted face-up in a tabletop format for a koi pond at a bank. See the full case study here

Example of Using TSItouch PCAP

We used TSItouch PCAP in designing and creating a custom dual-screen 86” touch display to be mounted face-up in a tabletop format. This project showcases TSItouch PCAP’s versatility and adaptability to unique and specific client requirements, demonstrating the ability to customize large-scale, interactive touch screens for various applications. 

3. Best Digital Signage HDMI Cable: Snap One HDMI Cables with Griptek™  Technology 

This HDMI cable with GripTek™ technology is ideal for advanced video formats like HDR (High Dynamic Range) and can stream high-resolution video, audio and data.  It performs exceptionally well with minimal interference. It has small grips on the ends of the cable which guarantees it won’t fall out when plugged into a media player mounted in a vertical position. The ultra-pliable jacket and low-profile design make for easy installation in tight spaces.

Best Use Case for Snap One HDMI Cable

This HDMI cable is particularly effective as a powerful 4K video cable, offering true 4K signal and HDR. The GripTek™ technology ensures a secure and stable connection, minimizing the risk of disconnection.

Why is Snap One Better?

The small grips on the ends of the cable provide a secure connection, ensuring that the cable stays firmly in place even when connected to a media player in a vertical position. This feature sets it apart from other brands that don’t offer grip clips, making it a more reliable choice for consistent use in various projects.

Example of Using Snap One HDMI Cables

Given its reliability, effectiveness and a guaranteed snap fit to not come loose, we use these cables on every project! 

4. Best Digital Signage Directory, Elevator or Mirror Screen: XPO INVITE Screens with BrightSign Built-In 

INVITE from XPO Screens is a well-designed screen with a built-in BrightSign media player to enhance its digital signage capabilities. It has a clean, sleek and sophisticated design, with brushed aluminum metal casing in multiple color options. With just 41mm depth, it can be easily mounted directly against the wall, without the need for a separate mounting bracket. It is user-friendly and easy to integrate with any custom solution or application. 

Best Use Case for INVITE

The clean and sleek design makes it ideal for places where aesthetics are a necessity, like retail stores, modern office buildings and luxury hotels. They also offer: 

  • Mirror screens that are great for restrooms, dressing rooms or any place where a mirror with integrated digital content can enhance the user experience. 
  • Elevator screens that help advertise or deliver information in a compact but efficient way.
  • Double-sided screens where screens can be viewed from multiple angles like corridors, malls or public places.
  • Round screens for an aesthetically pleasing look.

INVITE screens have three adjustable detection zones and can detect people through glass and transparent mirrors. This feature triggers content based on movement.

Why is INVITE Better?

INVITE sets itself apart from the competition because of these features:

  • Comes in a variety of color options.
  • Has a sophisticated and stylish design.
  • Has a robust and hassle-free digital signage solution integrated with the BrightSign media player. 
  • Personalization with the ability to add a backlit logo.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications and comes in various screen types.

Red Dot Digital Media used the INVITE mirror screens and custom color portrait screens for a recent project.

Example of Using INVITE

We used mirror screens and custom color portrait screens for projects that required these types of designs. Besides enhancing the aesthetics, these solutions showcase the capability and versatility of the INVITE screens in digital signage. 

5. Best Small Format Digital Signage Touch Screen with BrightSign Built-In: Bluefin Displays with BrightSign Built-In

The Bluefin Display with BrightSign Built-In is a solid and reliable screen that can be ordered in touch and non-touch. It was also one of the first manufacturers to build a Brightsign player into the screen hardware. 

Best Use Case for Bluefin 

The Bluefin Display is great for all types of deployments requiring small and medium size touch and non-touch screens with BrightSign built-in. We specifically use them for room scheduling, touch panel control systems and smaller wall-mounted screens.  

Why is Bluefin Better? 

This display has a BrightSign built-in and is an extremely reliable piece of hardware. In our years of experience using Bluefin, we have had little to no issues with failures or manufacturer defects.

Example of how Red Dot Digital Media used the Bluefin touch screen for a global deployment, which replaced a Creston control system. 

Example of Using Bluefin

We used these displays for a global deployment where we created a touch panel controller for cable boxes and BrightSign players. This design replaced a Crestron control system in a global deployment. 

In Conclusion

Having complete know-how of the best digital signage products, AV companies can position themselves as industry leaders in offering solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also tailored to the specific needs of their clients. With interactive features, high reliability, adaptability and cutting-edge design, all these products are at the forefront of innovative technology in digital signage. They are versatile enough to suit the varied needs of the customers and the framework of an AV integrator or a design engineer. 

Red Dot Digital Media: Your Digital Signage Solutions Partner

With a complete understanding of the best digital signage products, Red Dot Digital Media can help you deliver the best solution for each of your specific requirements. We excel at graphic design, content creation and mass installation and deployment of custom signage solutions. We know how to customize and effectively integrate each product into a cohesive system that works efficiently in any setting. Our passion for quality and innovation makes us a reliable partner in enhancing communication and engagement with state-of-the-art digital signage solutions.

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