Red Dot was hired by the local project management company, Media Works, to program content for a new and one-of-a-kind 26 screen video wall, arranged in the shape of a mushroom, and placed in the center of a bar on the casino floor. This unique set up is powered by 2 BrightSign XT1144 players.

In the main valet drive up, Red Dot programmed 14 individual LED Planar pillars to run content for the casino’s new arrival experience. The LED pillars were programmed together with audio and light commands. The lighting commands are sent from a primary BrightSign XT1144 to a DMX processor to que specific lighting scenes during the different shows playing on the screens.

Client: Morongo Casino
Project location: Cabazon, CA
Integrator: Red Dot Digital Media and Media Works
CMS: BSN.Cloud